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Window - Reflection of Hong Kong Issues 窗 - 反影香港問題

Winnie Davies 蕭愛冰

Oil on Canvas 油畫布本

Winnie Davies




  • Further study of marble sculpture in Italy



  • MA in Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University



  • BA in Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong 

  • started learning sculpture in Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition



  • Solo Exhibitions of Paintings and Sculptures by Winnie Davies, Joy Art Club during annual Fotan Open Studios



  • “Windows – Reflection of Hong Kong Scenes” - A Solo Exhibition of Paintings 

           and Sculptures by Winnie Davies, Fringe Club, Hong Kong



  • A Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures, Fringe Club, Hong Kong



  • “Windows” – A Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures, Culture Club Gallery, Hong Kong



  • “One Country Two Systems” – A Solo Exhibition of Oil painting & Sculpture,  Philia, Hong Kong



  • 4 Dimensions of Art 藝術四面體 Exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures by Winnie Davies, Fringe Club, Hong Kong


Art Fairs and Art Symposiums



  • Asia Contemporary Art Show at Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong

  • Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong



  • Shenzhen City Art Fair, Shenzhen, China

  • Hong Kong Art Month – Fotan Open Day supported by Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong



  • Asia Contemporary Art Show - Sept 2017 at Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong

  • “Hong Kong Local Elements” at the Art Carnival Fair in Hong Kong Polytechnic University 



  • Sai Kung Art Fair in Hong Kong Hong Kong



  • Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair at Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong

  • Spring Fair at Moon Gallery, Hong Kong



  • Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair at Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong



  • “International Race Art Fair” at Penfold Park, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong


Art awards/ International Symposiums/ Public Art Exhibitions/ Auctions



  • “Best Teacher” awarded for teaching BA in Graphic Design at Sunderland University, UK.



  • Awarded the Winner of the best “Sketch of Yuen Long”, and exhibited in “Charity Sketch Hong Kong Exhibition” at Pacific Place and at 3812 Gallery, Hong Kong



  • “Flow – Exhibition of International Sculptures and Multimedia Art” by artists from Asia, China, Hong Kong and Macau at Lei Yue Mun Museum.

  • Awarded to be best “Sketching Hong Kong at Lei Yue Mun” exhibited at Pacific Coffee Hong Kong



  • “Sai Ying Pun – Seek & See” in Sai Ying Pun community and in the University of  Hong Kong

  • “Child’s Dream” – Art Carnival in Hong Kong Polytechnic University



  • Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium & Exhibition

  • Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium and Exhibition, Hong Kong



  • “New Era – 2012” – International Art Exhibition in Shenzhen, China



  • Davies’ sculpture of “Dragon DNA” was awarded at  International Sculpture Symposium and gained permanent exhibiting in Northwest Wetland Park in Changchun, China since 2011

  • Hong Kong International Race Day at Hong Kong Jockey Club Racecourse



  • Mad @West Kowloon – at West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong



  • Sculpture at Hong Kong Sea, Hong Kong



  • Klomp! – Charity Auction of Dutch Good Clogs Painting by Davies at Pacific Place, Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong International Sculpture Exhibition exhibited at Hong Kong Wetland Park 



  • Graduation Show of Oil Paintings at Guangzhou Fine Art Academy, China



  • “Faces & Figures” – exhibition of sculptures and paintings at Hong Kong University Museum



  • Outdoor Stone Sculpture Exhibition in Azano, Italy



  • “Pre-Handover” – Exhibition of oil paintings at Hong Kong Cultural Centre 

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

The first thing I remember about the Fringe Club is my three solo exhibitions there in 2002, 2011 and 2013. 

My first solo exhibition there was in 2002, it was called “4 Dimensions of Art” showing four different media of my artworks which are sculpture, oil painting, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy and the fusion of East & West. It was actually showing my art exploration at that time, developing from my traditional Chinese art roots towards the western art and created the “Fusion of East & West” style. 

Winnie Davies - Collective Memories_justice.jpg

My second solo exhibition was in 2011 after I had just finished the International Sculpture Symposium in Changchun, China.  It was my first time to join this kind of large-scale international monumental sculpture symposium with 104 sculptors from all over the world. Therefore, besides exhibiting my own sculptures and paintings, I also put up a giant poster showing the sculptures of the symposium.

Winnie Davies - Collective Memories_dragonDNA300.jpg

The information about the work I have submitted:

Title: “Windows – Reflections of Hong Kong Scenes”


Medium: Oil on Canvas with a real window frame mounting on the painting.



This is a typical window scene showing sign boards everywhere in Hong Kong as if you are looking out from your window.  One may see the overwhelming of the over-crowded sign broads covered the whole window with a bit of exaggeration. A real wooden window frame is mounted on the painting that makes it even more surreal!


Now I am working on the theme of COVID-19. 


The painting is obviously about COVID-19 with the medical N95 mask in the centre of the painting. All the different masks are painted with different countries’ flags to symbolise people are all suffering from the COVID-19. The whole painting is subtly covered with a window frame with the white burry effect of a window scene. The green COVID-19 viruses are splashing all over the painting as the viruses are spreading around the world.

Winnie Davies - Collective Memories_WinDaviesCovid19.jpg
Winnie Memories
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