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The Place IV 那地方(四)

Tang Ying-chi 鄧凝姿

Mixed Media on Canvas 混合媒介、布本
Not for sale

Stella Tang Ying-chi 

Tang Ying-chi obtained BA Fine Art from Goldsmiths College of the University of London in England and DFA, MFA from RMIT in Australia respectively. Tang is an active art practitioner who merged various roles as practicing artist, educator, curator and writer. She has over 20 solo exhibitions, and participated in many group exhibitions in Hong Kong and internationally. Tang obtained numerous awards/ fellowships/ residency such as Hong Kong artists at Gyeongju, Korea, by Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju City and Gyeongbuk Newspaper, Korea (2017), Visiting Fellow at the Hong Kong Design Institute (2016-17), Artist Residency at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and Art Quarter Residency at Budapest, Hungary (2015), Artist Residency at Faculty of Art, Chiangmai University, Thailand (2012), Artist-in-Residence, Lingnan University, Department of Visual Studies (2010), People of the Time by British Council of Hong Kong (2008), the Urban Council Fine Art Awards at the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial (1996) etc.

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

第一次認識藝穗會是在藝穗會初成立時,那時妹妹鄧凝梅聯同其他年青藝術家跟她的老師韓偉康在天台畫畫。到1996年,我從海外回港,在藝穗會舉行個展名為《美麗、快樂和智慧》,其後,亦多次舉行個展,可說藝穗會是個人藝術成長的地方,現在也繼續做創作的工作。展出作品名為《那地方(四)》The Place IV,是《那地方》系列其中一張,主要有關當代人探索理想居住地的憧憬,同時回應中國山水畫家個人對自由的追求問題,借助山水畫中可多角度遨遊的構圖,表現個人對自由思想及實質空間的追求。

Stella Memories
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