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Door ​門

Park Eunhe

Oil on Canvas 油畫布本

Park Eunhe

Eunhe  Park  is a Korean artist who has been living in Hong Kong for more than two decades. Here is the place where she fulfilled her childhood dream of being a painter and truly appreciated every opportunity which was given to her. Her paintings are based on figurism in the environment of surrealism and abstract, using them as a way of creating a new style of her own. She took a deep interest in people, nature and life as a subject.





  • Graduated HKU SPACE, Certificate in Foundation Art and Design (subsidies by HKU)



  • Attended the Cubic Art institution, Korea



  • Graduated Pusan University of Foreign studies, Korea

  • Participated numerous Chinese painting classes by “Foo Sai Heng”, Hong Kong Art school, Wan chai, Hong Kong



  • Attended Myungmun art institution for juniors, Pusan, Korea





  • July, “Vitality & Vibrancy” group exhibition, HKVAC



  • April, “Art for world peace”group exhibition, Be One gallery

  • September, “+ve/ -ve”Group exhibition



  • January, Group exhibition, Gallery M, Korea

  • November, “ArtNextExpo2019”, PMQ

  • November, “Kaleidoscope” group exhibition, HKVAC



  • January, Group exhibition, gallery M, Kore

  • March, Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong

  • November, Solo exhibition, Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, The Fringe Club



  • May, Cathay Pacific BLDG, CLK, Hong Kong

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

I came to Hong Kong as a Cabin crew member of Cathay Pacific Airways and visited Fringe many times during my last 30 years in Hong Kong. 

Fabulous restaurant on the 2nd floor, jazz bar, coffee shop downstairs…and many exhibitions of course. 


Fringe is a very cultural and liberal place for many artists in HongKong. Having a Solo exhibition at Anita Chen Lai-ling gallery in 2018 is just like a dream because Fringe is a well-known hot place for many Koreans. 


I worked so hard to make a successful Solo exhibition in 2018, and appreciate that many of my guests truly enjoyed all the facilities of the Fringe building. 


They have a fine venue, restaurant and coffee shop. The “Vault”, especially, is my favourite place. 


I worked both as an Artist and Inflight service manager of CX until Nov last year and it was very challenging… 


Now I can pour all my efforts on creating artworks since I’m retired CX. I've participated in many exhibitions and art fairs so far,and am still working on both in HongKong and Korea. 

The artwork “Door” has many meanings.It’s influenced by the Korean door, but painted more in contemporary. The texture is a result of numerous layers of brush strokes. The door is there to be opened for whoever is brave enough to open. 


It shows chances and opportunities. 


I found my dream again when I opened the door. I hope you can do it too.

Eunhe Memories
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