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Collecting the Horizon (Penghu) 收集地平線(澎湖)

Lam Hau-yi 林巧兒

Ceramics 陶瓷

Lam Hau-yi 

Lam, a Hong Kong-based artist and designer, obtained her BA (Hons) Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014 and her BA (Hons) Visual Communication from Birmingham City University in 2012. She was an exchange student at the Academy of Fine Art in Tunghai University in 2013.  


In Lam’s creative journey, she explores life through looking, drawing and thinking. By micro-observing highly familiar images, she redefines the perspective of seeing things and provides new meaning to seemingly trivial objects. The mundane objects in her works cultivate an aesthetic characteristic by stillness, portraying a certain degree of delicacy and beauty. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Berlin.

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

當提到藝穗會,我第一件想起我在陳麗玲畫廊舉辦的活第一次聯展《漫不經心》。那次展覽,我認識了當時藝穗會的經理 — Ice Chen。因為是第一次在中環區辦展覽,多少也有點緊張,但Ice是一個很友善的人,她為我和當時另一位藝術家亦是是次展覽的統籌---蓉蓉介紹藝穗會的歷史,包括放在畫廊的木地板長櫈。Ice還沖了兩杯咖啡給我們!閒談間令我覺得這個展覽場地很親切。


關於藝穗會,我還很喜歡The Fringe Vault,每次回展覽場地都會去買杯咖啡,成為了我的習慣。

Hau-yi Memories
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