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Breathe in Hong Kong

Ken Chung Ka-chung 鍾家俊 

Painting on wood, found and ready-made objects with fluorescent light

Ken Chung Ka-chung

Chung Ka-chun graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. While studying for his Bachelor’s degree he went to Bologna, Italy, as an exchange student, and was intrigued by a course there about the restoration of paintings, focusing on the texture and ingredients of paint. After graduating, he lived in Berlin for a one and half a year. He was hooked by the marks on walls and discarded objects on the streets, which he integrated into his painting-object compositions. He still uses this technique. While in Berlin, he had his first-ever solo exhibition in a local art space, Ori-Berlin. After returning to Hong Kong and working as a freelance designer, he continued to explore possibility so as to expand the boundary of painting and did a solo exhibition in Anita Chan Lai-ling gallery in June 2021. During the preparation of this exhibition, he participated in a group show in March 2021. After the exhibition in Anita Chan Lai-ling gallery, he joined two group shows in a row respectively in Sin Sin Fine Art and Wure Area. On the other hand he also started doing artworks right in the street.


Solo Exhibition



  • June, “Doubtful”, Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, Fringe Club, Hong Kong



  • February, “Trace of Dissolution”, Ori-Berlin, Germany


Group Exhibition



  • March, “Light Up”, The Catalyst, Hong Kong

  • August, “To be Continued”, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong

  • October, “Bed Throw”, Wure Area, Hong Kong

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

2021年第一次在藝穗會陳麗玲畫廊做個人展覽,剛好遇上疫情開始,不清楚政府的限聚令要求所以沒有特別舉行開幕,同時疫情開始後, 作為一個自由工作的設計師工作量減少了, 為了可以知道更多人關於展覽的看法就在展覽期都坐在展場中等有不同的人來交談,認識了不同的人,算是疫情下一件比較輕鬆的事。





Ken Memories
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