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Eros grew up

Jose Manuel Sevilla

Photography 攝影

Jose Manuel Sevilla

Born in Barcelona in 1959. 

Living in Hong Kong since 2003.


Exhibition in Hong Kong


  • A new edition of “Street Language” photograph collection is ready once the pandemic rules in Hong Kong allow its normal exhibition



  • “Years of Images. A gift to Hong Kong” collective photo exhibition, Arts Centre



  • “Street Language”, photo exhibition, The Fringe Club


Theatre in Hong Kong



  • "Kennedy", theatre in English, Theatre Studio McAuley



  • "Sombras, Sol y Flamenco" Ballet of Ingrid Sera-Gilet, Sheung Wan Civic Centre



  • "The Bridge" theatre in English, Theatre Studio McAuley Hong Kong, nominated in the Hong Kong Theatre Awards





  • "Mingled Voices 5" poetry in English, 2021 by Proverse Hong Kong



  • "The Year of the Apparitions" poetry in English, Proverse Hong Kong with the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council 



  • "Voice and Verse" poetry in English, in CHA Tenth Anniversary Anthology



  • “Family Album” poetry in Spanish, Editorial Lord Byron Madrid



  • "Sonia Wants to Rent an Apartment" poetry in English, 1st Prize Cha Encountering Poetry, Asian Cha magazine Hong Kong



  • "Ashes of Auschwitz and Eighteen Dogs” Poetry Prize Angel Urrutia, in Spanish, Navarra
, Spain


  • "Alice in Ikea’s catalogue” poetry in Spanish, Editorial Betania, Madrid

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

When I arrived with my wife Julie to HK in 2003 for a period of two years, we were soon shocked by SARS. Curiously, at that time I was reading the novel Blindness by Saramago, whose plot is about a pandemic. We had to decide what to do but HK was love at first sight, so we stayed until today. The Fringe was immediately an icon for us, the multimedia exhibitions, the bar, the building. We have visited it countless times. Today, like the FCC, The Fringe belongs to a bygone era. In 2020 we were heartbroken, HK died for us. Today HK is weak, like a leaf pushed by the wind, rootless, dried. The Fringe remains a beacon of a golden era when HK was a unique place in the world. We have been so lucky to live in it, HK gave us our son Alvaro, the best years of our life.


At the Fringe I could show for the first time my photo exhibition "Street Language". I intended to apply for a second exhibition when covid arrived. Indeed, our history with HK is bookended by pandemics. During this strange time, I finished a theatre play and a new poetry book. I also continued working on my series "Street Language". I hope I can still do a second exhibition before we leave the city forever.


My photo "Eros grew up" was shot in Bangkok, in a working day morning, when that busy city was waking up. I like to see it as a symbol of mature love, when you need to do maintenance, water it every day because it's fragile, delicate as a plant. Eros, the baby winged god strikes us with his arrows of passion but in time, Eros grows up and becomes a working class god, unassuming but persistent, not so glamorous but strong and tenacious.

Jose Memories
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