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Spring Wind 春風

Hiromi Fujiwara 藤原弘美

Oil on canvas 油畫布本

Hiromi Fujiwara

Born in 1967 and since 1990 based in Hong Kong. Her artworks compose and create simple aspects with minimal oil colours and express sensitivity of abstract art. Subjects inspired by nature and daily life and at most unique fantasies of mind. 





  • Graduated from Kyoto Art and Design University – Bachelor of Fine Arts 





  • Solo exhibition, Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, The Fringe Club



  • +Ve/-Ve exhibition, Art Next Expo, Hong Kong



  • Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong, artwork was exhibited and purchased



  • Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong



  • Art Exhibition, Cathay Pacific Airways head office, Hong Kong

  • Several group exhibitions, Hong Kong  



  • Exhibitions in several galleries in Japan 

  • NIKA Art Exhibition (every year)





  • 7 participated artworks almost all sold, +Ve/-Ve exhibition, Art Next Expo 7 participated artworks were almost all sold out. 



  • Artwork purchased, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong



  • Artwork purchased, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong





50th Special anniversary award in Kyoto Museum, NIKA exhibition, Kansai

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

What is the first things you remember about the Fringe Club? 


  • I remembered that there was the pottery shop at side of Wyndham Street in Fringe Club  building long time ago. I wanted to learn the pottery so I went there for enquiry. That’s my first time I discovered beautiful red blocks colonial building.  


When was that? 

  • I don’t remember exactly year, the time I was starting to enjoy live in Hong Kong. 


What were you doing at that time? 

  • I was working for airline company.  


What are you working on now?  

  • I am preparing for small exhibition at Café in Hong Kong coming this June. 

Could you tell us about the work that you are have submitted?  

  • The artwork that I have submitted was one of my first solo exhibition at Fringe Club in 2021. Flowers motif with vivid colors created unique delightful atmosphere.

Hiromi Memories
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