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Neap Tide 弦潮

Grace Law 羅文山

Photography 攝影

Grace Law

An experienced and dedicated amateur photographer with strong aesthetic sense in both landscape and street scene capture. Confidently familiar with taking high quality digital images, and actively involve in process workflow namely shooting, printing, framing, and book making.


Benefited from a corporate background, Grace possesses critical thinking, analytical skills, and effective networking for her own work publications.


She is credited a Licentiate membership of the Royal Photographic Society, UK Channel





  • “In touch with Weather from Land, Sea and Air“ photography exhibition, the Hong Kong International Airport, hosted by the Hong Kong Observatory



  • “Going North” solo photography exhibition, the Fringe Club, sponsored by Leica Camera and Country Holidays Travel



  • Art Gemini Contemporary Art Competition – Photo category winners’ exhibits, Menier Gallery, London




  • “More than a Silver Lining“ photobook – Photo contributor, published by the Hong Kong Meteorological Society



  • “In Search of the Northern Lights” photobook – Landscape and Nature photography, sponsored by the HK Arts Development Council



  • “MONOTONE” photobook – Street and Fine Art photography, sponsored by Leica Camera HK


Awards and Credits



  • 15th “Black & White Spider Awards”  – Honorable Mention in Architecture and Journalism



  • 14th “Black & White Spider Awards”  – Honorable Mention in Still life and Landscape



  • “Siena International  Photo Awards” – Finalist, Fine Art photography



  • “Art Gemini” Prize – Winners gallery, International Contemporary Art



  • “Me and my Leica”  – Grand Prize Winner, sponsored by Leica Camera AG, Germany

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

I remember Fringe Club as the red brick architecture round the corner. I used to lunch here often a couple of years back (around 2015) but now missing the chance not only due to COVID but rather the shortening of office lunch hours due to a more challenging working environment.

I came here partly for food, partly actually for taking some minutes of the day to appreciate the art work in exhibition. It’s through this routine that inspired me to organise my photography exhibition here in 2016.


I remained as an amateur photographer, focusing on landscapes and low light shots, with occasional publishing. 


My selected photo was taken in Iceland in 2015 as part of the photo project Going North. On arriving there, I was captured by the dismal feeling of the Icelandic waters. It’s not an eye catching tourist location, and in fact a subdued natural environment – which reflected my feeling of loneliness and helplessness at that time, a lone photographer in a faraway land.

Grace Memories
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