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Take away, please.

Emily Law 羅肇婷

Ink on paper 水墨紙本

Emily Law

Emily Law graduated from the Engineering Faculty of the City University of Hong Kong and later completed the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Western Art from the  the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (CUSCS), The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She has taken painting class under Ms. Pau Mo-ching, calligraphy class under Dr. Chui Pui-chee and apprenticed under Mr. Foo Sai-heng. Emily mainly participates in Chinese ink and colour paintings. She uses her cultural knowledge of western and Chinese art to depict her feelings through her artwork.


She has planned & participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions. Her artworks have been published in newspapers and found in personal collection. She is one of the founding members and the secretary of charity art group "Serendipity" formed in 2015. Emily Law has planned & joined a number of group and solo exhibitions.


Selected Solo Exhibition



  • “Happy Flower, Happy Dance”, PURPLE Bar & Lounge, Hong Kong


Selected Group Exhibition



  • Art Next Expo 2021, Lanson Place by Art Next

  • “Vitality 。Vibrancy”, the Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong

  • “Heart to Heart” Art Exhibition for Charity, Presented by Serendipity, Hong Kong Cultural Centre



  • “+VE-VE” by Art Next, SML Building, Hong Kong

  • “I am an Artist”, Exhibition by the Innovative Arts Media Association (IAMA), Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, Hong Kong Fringe Club, Hong Kong



  • “Garden of the Artisans”, Y Loft, Youth Square, Hong Kong

  • Participated Artist of Art Next Expo 2019, PMQ, Central, Hong Kong.

  • AVA Art Festival - International Art Exhibition, Osaka, Japan, Enokojima Art, Cultural & Creative Center by Arte Vida Arte Association, Finland

  • “Straight from the Heart”, A Charity Exhibition of Chinese Painting, Calligraphy and Seals - Presented by Serendipity, Hong Kong Cultural Centre



  • “Dimension Duplicity - Amy and Emily”, H Studio Gallery



  • Participated Artist, “the Sai Art and About”, Sai Kung District Music, Art & Cultural Festival



  • “Heart's Delights - A Charity Exhibition of Chinese Artworks”, Presented by Serendipity, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶



我在2020年7月9日至18日期間參加了新媒體藝術協會主辦於藝穗會的展覽,記憶中當時是正是香港新冠肺炎的第三波疫情爆發, 但展覽如期舉行,雖然那幾天很少人參觀,但卻令各位參展藝術家多了時間交流,大家互相認識加深,當中更與一些參展人成為好友。無耐地,這次提交藝術作品的時候正是第五波疫情再度爆發,疫症兩年以來喜愛外出飯聚文化的香港人的生活習慣開始改變,尤其飲食方面,因為限聚令不能堂食,大家都開始習慣買外賣回家吃,所以我選擇了作品外名稱為「外賣吖!唔該!」參展,白色的外賣膠袋正是香港的本土特色。

Emily Memories
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