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Treestagram No.2

Danny Liu Wing-hung 廖永雄

Ink, Puer tea on paper 普洱茶、水墨紙本98x183cm

Danny Liu Wing-hung

Danny Liu (MFA, RMIT) is an artist destined in exploring the ink medium rooted from Chinese culture and aesthetics. Born in Hong Kong, Danny sets his artistic ideologies between Mother Nature and urban development through the changes of Victoria Harbour, mountains and landscape. Having followed masters Hung Hoi and Leung Kui Ting, his attainments from Diploma of Chinese painting at HKUSPACE, Art Specialist Course in ink painting at HKVAC, Diploma of Visual Art Education at Renmin University of China, Beijing and Master of Fine Arts at RMIT further refined his artistry. Liu continually embarks on a journey in experimenting his artistic concepts beyond ink, material and tools for his project “Where’s the Mountain?” Since 2008, Liu has given lectures and workshops around the world: to RMIT students at Hong Kong Art School; Syracuse University exchange students at City University; Melbourne Polytechnic students in Hong Kong; students at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and, The New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies; as well as students in Australia and the United Kingdom; and at his own studio (Dan’s Studio) in Hong Kong. Liu founded Dan’s Studio in 2013 and it was registered as a painting society in 2018 with 100+ members currently. While selected as exhibiting artist at Ink Global 2021 and a finalist in Art Revolution Taipei (2015 & 2019), Liu’s works have also been commissioned for Cathay Pacific, Sun Hung Kai Properties, The Wharf (Holdings) and Art Central, exhibited in Australia, mainland China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia and privately collected. 

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

What is the first thing you remember about the Fringe Club? When was that? ​ What were you doing at that time?


  • The first thing I remember about Fringe Club was its history and architecture.  My solo exhibition: Fifty Shades of Ink at Fringe Club in 2016.

  • My first visit was in 2000 when I returned to Hong Kong from Australia, and started my career. I watched a dance show at Fringe Club. 

What are you working on now? 


  • I am currently working on a new body of work, which is an extension to my previous #OnLine (2021) series, a published book and exhibition project. 

Could you tell us about the work that you have submitted?

  • The Treestagram series is a body of work that creates a visually alluring symphony painted with journeys to the individuals’ minds and varying landscape around the globe questioning the relationships between human, Mother Nature and the urban development. My passion lies in exploring a refined concept beyond ink, which continues the experiments of “Where’s the Mountain?” (2013) and "Where's the Tree?" (2019) This work presents a unique juxtaposition of explorations, magnifying contradictions and absurdity in today’s world filled with distorted values, derailed priorities and digital junk. This phenomenon contravenes with traditional Chinese ink aesthetic and ideology which admire the Mother Nature where human desires would be kept subtle.  


  • Treestagram描劃人類囿於思維的自大,在日夕操控生活下,跟自然萬物疏離的擠壓狀態,不斷在聚攏和滲化間磨蹭,復叩問發展和心性的本義與演化。人們發掘野趣,觀自在,畫自在。 作品引領觀者尋思「消費」和「崩離」這兩個當代主題,也是脫胎自《山在哪裡》系列的探索和提昇。 居善地,心善淵,與善仁,言善信,正善治,事善能,動善時。 夫唯不爭,故無尤——連繫水的本性,反映人類習慣和現代社會狀況。除了寫實技法外,更是一種「寫意」心態的追求和展現,石牆的發展仍無阻城巿人對於自然的嚮往。作品回應社會問題和現代人渴求外,同時展現個人特色的當代哲思。

Danny Memories
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