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Cottage Bedroom in York

Corn Ho Shuk-mei 何淑美

Oil on canvas 油畫布本

Corn Shuk Mei-ho 

Painter, Day-dreamer, Wanderer


I set out to explore the deepest levels of the human subconscious. The atmospheric, melancholic tones of my drawings and paintings evoke sensations of dislocation. These works document my interest in what is lost and what is found, the ambivalence between what is the fleeting memory and what is synthesised as a trace within the landscape.





  • Work and live in London, U.K.



  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (Merit) at The University of Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts, England.



  • Worked at the studio in Fotan, Hong Kong.



  • B.A (Hons) in Fine Arts (Contemporary Studio Art Practice) and minored in French Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.


Solo Exhibition



  • March-April, “SWIM, STROLL” Solo Exhibition in the Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong 



  • September, “BOTANICAL GARDENS”, Residency and Solo Exhibition in Rhodes Art Park, Greece.



  • September 2020 - April 2021, “NIGHT SWIMS 2020”, D Contemporary, Mayfair, London, England



  • May, “NIGHT SWIMS”, Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, Fringe Club, Hong Kong

  • July, “DOUBLE SOLO: SUMMER SHOW”, Chelsea Waterside Artspace, London, England



  • June, “STORMY NIGHTS SOLO DRAWING SHOW”, Gallery Space, The Jam Factory, Oxford, England.

  • August, “CORN SHUK MEI HO, FIRST THURSDAY”, BloQs Cafe, London, England.

  • September, “NIGHT SWIMS”, Coningsby Gallery, London, England.



  • February, “NIGHT SWIMS SERIES PREVIEW”, Art at home, Battersea Church Road, London, England



  • April, “GROWTH RING”, Culture Club Gallery, G/F, 15 Elgin St.(lower), Central, Hong Kong

  • October, “ABSENCE IN MIND, SUARTS” Chelsea Space, Chelsea College of Arts, London, England



  • August, “SLEEPLESS IN HONG KONG, MY GALLERY”, Shop B, G/F, Western Street, Sai Wan, Hong Kong


Selected Group Exhibition



  • "Verdant", An ArtCan Online Exhibition, London, England 

  • "Art Can – Stories 01 exhibition", The New Building, London, England

  • "Pop-Up Painting in the West End", Mayfair Art Weekend 2021, London, England 

  • "The Young Talent Hong Kong exhibition – Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong", AAFHK, Hong Kong

  • "THE CREATIVE ROOM – Looking Within", a.topos, Venice, Italy

  • "Prelude", An ArtCan Online Exhibition, London, England



  • “Mayfair Art Weekend 2020”, D Contemporary Gallery, Mayfair, England

  • “My House Is An Island”, Arthousehaus, Vauxhall, London, England

  • "Wall in Online Places Vol.2", Online exhibition, London, England

  • "ASYAAF 2020", Gallery LVS, Seoul, South Korea



  • "D Contemporary Painting Prize 2019", D Contemporary, Mayfair, London, England

  • "Summer Show", Chelsea Waterside Artspace, London, England

  • "Not just a shop – spring exhibition", High Holborn, London, England

  • "UAL Digital Edge 2019", Somerset House, London, England


Artist in Residence



  • September, Art Park in Rhodes, Greece



  • March, Joya: arte + ecología/ Joya: AiR, Spain

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

In 2019, my Night Swims series was showing for the first time at the Fringe Club, Hong Kong. By that time, there were 11 paintings linked with this series. Since then, I continue working on this series and there are more than 29 paintings in this series. I'm currently exhibiting part of them in my solo exhibition 'Swim & Stroll' at the Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong until 2nd May 2022.


I'm so pleased the curator (at the time) Ice Chen invited me to have this exhibition at the Fringe Club space. I was vividly remembering the busy and cultural vibe in the evening that many music lovers queued in the gallery space to enter the theatre almost every Friday and weekend and I was one of them. I like the Fringe Club environment where you can enjoy the exhibition or live performance from the entrance of the Lower Albert Road, then you also can walk down the staircase or from Wyndham Street to the cafe shop to meet your friends or have a nice chat with all the staff there. I cherished all memories from there.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 3.27.33 PM.png

My submitted artwork is Landscape-memory series, Cottage Bedroom in York, Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm, 2021

I started working on the Landscape-memory Series in 2013. The individual memories and the disappeared sights from the story are the foundation of this series. 


I interviewed people around me about their personal experiences. My paintings gradually displayed their innermost world as the interviews went deeper and deeper. This resembles the nature of oil painting, layer by layer and long-lasting.


As an onlooker, I recorded people’s feelings and temperaments at the moment, putting the beautiful but unreachable sights in their memories forever on the canvas. Those scenes behind the stories are no longer existing in reality, but the different stories shine like crystals on canvas. 

Corn Memories
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