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Self Portrait

Chan Sai-lok 阿三(陳世樂)

Acrylic board, exercise book, tape, fabric, digital print on canvas, acrylic paint

Chan Sai-lok

Artist, art critic, and writer based in Hong Kong. Chan holds a BA and MFA in Fine Art and an MA in Gender Studies, all from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has always taken text and literature as points of departure in his artistic endeavor, through which he contemplates the intimate relationship between painting and literariness. 

His recent solo exhibitions include Everyday Practice (Hong Kong 2019 and New York 2020), Land of Longing and Exile (2019), and Alongside Poetry in an Alley (2016-17). Chan has been a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, a winner of the UOB Art in Ink Award, the Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese, and Professor Mayching Kao Art History Award. His exhibition catalogues The Countenance of Text and Everyday Practice were published. 

Chan was one of the editors of Qiuying poetry magazine, an executive committee member of The House of Hong Kong Literature, editor of Yeung Tong Lung: Just Painting and Art in Hospital A Quarter Century. He is now a part-time lecturer in universities, co-founder of an art-critic-collective Art Appraisal Club, art director of an online art review project “Free Walk In”, and guest host of a radio art program.

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶




Chan Sai-lok Memories
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