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Run Til Dawn ​跑向黎明

Chan Chok-ki 陳作基

Oil on canvas 油畫布本

Chan Chok-ki

Chan Chok-ki is a Hong Kong contemporary artist. He has extensive experiences in academic, engineering and business fields prior to becoming a full time artist six years ago.  A frequent traveller, he is deeply inspired by the diversity and richness of culture, history and people around the globe.  Often disturbed by the social divide, inequalities and contradictions in society, he employs surreal and symbolic visual languages in his oil paintings to reflect the absurdity of modern life.   Vivid colours and composition of the paintings convey to viewers the artist's strong passion, deep feelings and optimism in life.  His paintings are thought-provoking and intended to stimulate audiences to  transcend across boundaries and re-examine the meaning of life in modern society.


Solo Exhibition



  • "Tranquility • Vibrancy", Anita Chan Lai Ling Gallery, Fringe Club, HK


Group Exhibition



  • Korea China Japan Culture Cooperation Art Festival 2021, organised by International Culture Association ICA at Maru Art Centre, Seoul Korea

  • Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • “Vitality • Vibrancy", joint exhibition, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre 



  • +VE/-VE Exhibition by Art Next at SML tower, HK

  • Hong Kong Oil Painting Competition 2020, organised by the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Society, to be exhibited after pandemic



  • Art Next Expo 2019, organised by Art Next at PMQ, HK





  • Finalists in the "My Best Work of 2021" International Juried Visual Arts Competition, Camelback Gallery, US

  • Bronze Award, "Realism 2021 Painting Arts Awards" , An International Juried Painting Competition, Camelback Gallery, US





  •  "Tranquility • Vibrancy - Paintings of Chan Chok Ki", the book is collected by Hong Kong's public libraries. 





  • Singtao Daily Newspaper  Aug-05,  Art Culture



  • Modern Home MH  no. 508,October

  • Singtao Daily Newspaper  Jul-30,  ArtCan

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

Painting & Music - A Memorable Moment


Art is to touch hearts!

Artist loves to hear viewers say "I feel deeply and tenderly about this painting." 


In 2019, I held my solo painting exhibition "Tranquility. Vibrancy" at HK Fringe Club.

I invited a harp music composer, Miss Lilian Chan, to compose three pieces of music based on her feelings on each of the paintings she selected.  During the opening, she played each song in front of the corresponding painting to add a new dimension of interaction. Immersed in harp music, audiences were stimulated to go into deeper thoughts and feelings on the painting.  Mr Chan Chok-Ki remarked: "The combination was a big success. The vibrant colours of the paintings and the fascinating music resonated and left a deep impression with the audiences."


The Fringe Club exhibition venue is a great place for visual art exhibition. The location attracts many art lovers to visit.

油畫•音樂  激盪的回憶



畫家最喜歡聽到的是「這幅畫令我深深感動... 」 。


在2019年陳作基選擇了藝穗會舉辦他的第一個個人油畫展覽「靜 • 激盪」,與公衆透過畫作交流,產生共鳴!也大膽地邀請了豎琴家陳雅珩為畫作曲,及在開幕時演奏。她選了三幅油畫,以她的心靈感受創作了三首樂章。 現場音樂揉合畫作引發觀眾另一層次的感動!


這次視覺藝術與音樂的共同創作非常成功,令大家留下美好的回憶,獲得一致好評。回想起這次在藝穗會展覽廳中色彩與音樂的激盪陳作基說 :「畫和樂曲在說它們的故事,引領觀賞者進入更深層的思考、感受!強烈的色彩,迷人的音韻令人思潮起伏,留下深刻印象!」



Chan Chok-ki Memories
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