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Designers Saturday “Stinky Dogs”

Atelier Pacific

Photographic paper & foam-board 3D “sculptures” 相紙、泡沫板立體雕塑
2003 & 2006

Atelier Pacific

Atelier Pacific is an award-winning multidisciplinary design studio driven by a leadership team with unparalleled experience and expertise in Asia, Europe and North America.  Founded in Hong Kong in 1995, Atelier Pacific has established its level of excellence in the design industry by partnering with clients to provide the optimum balance of creative design and technical proficiency. 


Critically hailed projects include cultural, retail and commercial spaces for the private sector as well as civic, urban and transport master-planning projects. Each venture, large and small, is a partnership where close architect-client collaboration establishes bespoke systems that efficiently maximize the aesthetic and functional possibilities of each and every space. The studio’s stellar portfolio of clients includes Gago Sian Galleries, the Hong Kong MTR, HSBC, and New World Development, as well as fashion retail leaders Hermès and Louis Vuitton. 


Atelier Pacific’s renowned integrated design process and open workshop culture draw upon a valuable core of diverse skills, global visual perspectives and powerful synergies to produce optimal solutions and distinctive designs for clients who do not rely upon a house style. The primary purpose is to transcend specifications and raise thoughtful and profound interpretations to the highest level, so that Atelier Pacific’s signature is meticulous attention to detail in each and every project.


Key points


  • Established in Hong Kong in 1995 with satellite studios in Shanghai and Milan

  • Unparalleled international experience and expertise

  • A collaborative approach that stimulates design partnerships with world-class clients

  • Provides a harmonious balance of creative design and technical proficiency

  • Meticulous management and quality control (ISO 9001)

  • An open workshop culture that combines diverse international skills to refine design ideas

  • An enthusiastic and talented team

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

What is the first thing you remember about the Fringe Club? When was that? What were you doing at that time?


  • Actually the first thing I remember about the Fringe is a very memorable dinner upstairs at “M at the Fringe” on New Year’s Eve 1992 – quite a traumatic evening……

    Having just started work on designing the new Hong Kong Airport Terminal Building at Chek Lap Kok, I was celebrating the end of my first year in Hong Kong, with my wife Valeria.


What are you working on now?


  • 30 years later and I am busy (wfh as I write !) with my design studio Atelier Pacific working on architectural & design projects around the region.


Could you tell us about the work that you have submitted?


  • The artwork and models that we have submitted are from Designers Saturday - an open-studio event that Atelier Pacific created and organised with the help of the Fringe Club, for several years at the start of this millennium.  The event was created to showcase Hong Kong design talent, many of whom were based around SoHo (before it became SoHo !), and the “work like a dog” logo was created by Atelier Pacific with the help of Vincenzo Perri (who’s dog “Stinky” the design was based upon !) to brand the event and provide some celebratory fun for the day.  In addition to the sculptural models, there were also lapel badges, flyers and balloons all featuring the Designers Saturday “Stinky” the Dog so all of these proved VERY popular and are now probably collectors’ items !  Memories of a great time in the history of Hong Kong design and the Fringe’s important role within that community.

Nic Memories
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