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Coral ​珊瑚

Agnes Pang 彭淑儀

Foamnet and plastic 泡沫網、塑料

Agnes Pang

Agnes is a multimedia artist with 2 bachelor degrees and 2 master degrees (BA, LLB, MBA and MAJSP) and the author of “Agnes Recycles - arts & crafts”. She is also an advocate of recycled art and has been sharing her creative ideas on different channels and engaging in various commercial and charity projects. Her artwork is innovative, authentic and colourful, which always delivers positive and encouraging messages. Besides, she is a column writer for the Hong Kong Economic Times’ parenting section.

Agnes Pang Memories

Memories with Fringe Club 與藝穗會的回憶

I always passed by The Fringe club when I was on my way home from HKU where I studied Fine Arts and History 30 years ago. Now I am a full time artist and educator and had my first joint exhibition there in 2021 showing this artwork “Corals”. By using vegetable and fruit wrapping to form beautiful and different images of corals, I try to draw public awareness of the issue of overpacking and deliver the message of environmental protection and especially the need to care for sea creatures.

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