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Fringe Festival 藝穗節 1992

Wong Shun-kit 王純杰

Oil and Acrylic on canvas 油畫及塑膠彩布本

Wong Shun-kit

Wong Shun-kit is an artist and curator.  During his career, he used to take the role as General Director of the Powerlong Museum. Director of the Shanghai Himalayas Museum.  Chairman of Visual Arts Committee of Hong Kong Arts Development Council.  Dean and professor at the International School of Communication Design of Beijing Nornnual University, Zhuhai.  Major exhibitions and events he curated and co-curated included: Co-curator of “Ode to Great Beauty – Memories and Dialogues with Yungang Grottoes”. Curator of “Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-Shui) – An Insight into the Future” a collateral event of the 56th Venice Biennale (2015), Curator of “Oh, My Homeland” Himalayas Museum Pavilion at the Marrakech Biennale (2014), Co-curator of the Hong Kong Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale (2011). He was a member of the High-Level Cultural Delegation organized by the China’s Ministry of Culture and the British Council in 2015, Jury member of the 10th Gwangju Biennale.  1999 Fellowship of the Asian Cultural Council.  Artist of Year Award 1997.  1989 Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award (Painting).


Solo Exhibition (Selection): From Ancient Stone Carvings to Realistic Landscapes – Wong Shun-kit Exhibition (Presented by HK Fringe Club 2020).  To Lead a Life the Revolving Scenic Lamp- Wong Shun-kit Painting Exhibition (Presented by 99 Art Center Fine Art College of Shanghai University 2011).  From Complex to Simple – the Restoration of Painting an Exhibition by Wong Shun-kit (Presented by the Goethe Institute Hong Kong 2002 ).  Hong Kong Arts Series – Wong Shun-kit Exhibition (Presented by the Hong Kong Museum of Art 1997). Basic Space – Installation Exhibition (Presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre 1995).  Rites to Travel – Installation exhibition (Presented by the School of Art of Rutgers University, USA 1995).  Painting Inspired By Hong Kong Ancient Rock Carvings (HK Fringe Club 1985).


Group Exhibitions (Selection): 2020, Transformation of Practices (Tang Contemporary Art, HK).  China Arts in Brazil (Sao Paulo, 2014).  Voice of the Unseen – Chinese Independent Art 1979 – Today a collateral event of the the 55th Venice Biennale 2013.  Crisscrossed Ink Painting – Shanghai New Ink Painting Art Exhibition 2012 (Shanghai).  2008, Turn to Abstract: Retrospective of Shanghai Experimental Art from 1976 to 1985(Shanghai). 2000, Artscope Hong Kong (Tokyo), Hong Kong-Berlin Arts Festival (Berlin), Shanghai Biennial (Shanghai).  1996, Hong Kong Contemporary Arts (Berlin), Fusion-Hong Kong Auckland Artist Exchange Exhibition (HK & Auckland).  1995, 6th International Small Sculpture Triennial (Stuttgart).  City Colour (City Polytechnic University of Hong Kong 1994).   City Vibrance – Recent Work in Western Media by Hong Kong Artist (Hong Kong Museum of Art 1992).  Hong Kong New Generation Artists Exhibition 1989. Ten Years of Hong Kong Painting (Hong Kong Arts Centre 1987).

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