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Surging traces 浪縷 V,VI

Raymond Pang 彭金有

Acrylic sheet, Japanese paper, metallic gold foil 亞克力板、日本紙、金屬金箔
$38,000 for each
$74,000 for all

淚光 如同心𥚃剪下的一朵思念

Time and tide like flowers

in the mirror 鏡花歳月 V, VI

Raymond Pang 彭金有


Oil pen, metal leaf on wood, mirror 

金屬箔, 鏡, 油性筆木繪本




$7,800 for each

Raymond Pang

Originally trained as a graphic designer, sculptor Raymond Pang, a.k.a. Wave Idea, was born to a fisherman’s family in Hong Kong and spent most of his adolescence at sea. Critically acclaimed for his spontaneous and instinctive style, Pang engages with concepts of organic forms depicting whales, ripples and waves in his sculptures and drawings.


Using humble materials such as stone, wood and copper wire, Pang’s artwork demonstrates a soft, sensual touch. His ongoing search for serenity.


Artworks in recent years: “Junk Woodworking – Exhibition at Hong Kong Flower Show 2019”, “2019 [HKIFF43 x HOUSE 1881] “Corridor of Cinematic Treasure” Film Poster Exhibition”, “2018 Surging Traces, Sculpting Dynamics by Raymond Solo Exhibition - Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre”, “2016 INK ASIA Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre”


Pang’s works have also been exhibited at various art shows and galleries, to name a few, United States, Switzerland, including Eslite in Taipei, MOCA Shanghai, Zhongshan Expo Centre, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre , Hong Kong Arts Centre,  Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre,  Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong such as the Former Police Married Quarters (PMQ), Youth Square, Hong Kong Bankers Club,  Cyberport Arcade, Fotanian Open Studio.

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