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Fringe Festival 藝穗節 1991

Lo Sze-lim, Chris 羅士廉

Mixed Media 混合媒介


Lo Sze-lim, Chris

After Chris Lo received his BFA in Painting from the Chinese University of Hong Kong he decided to focus his studio practice on contemporary ceramics. He founded his own studio, Cobo Ceramic Workshop, where he teaches and creates his work. In addition, he teaches at the Hong Kong Art School and the Hong Kong Visual Art Centre. Lo’s work is in the collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the National Museum of Chinese History in Beijing, and the Consulate of Belgium.


Lo’s work includes sculptural ceramics, installation, and functional objects. Through these works he explores the relationship between time, material, space, and the harmony found within each human being. During his Arts/Industry residency, Lo used his time and creative practice to consider the human spirit within the industrial environment of the factory.

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