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Fringe Festival 藝穗節 1997

Kith Tsang Tak-ping 曾德平

Mixed Media 混合媒介

Kith Tsang Tak-ping

A mindful practitioner born in Hong Kong. Tsang spent his whole life in education by means of visual art, design, art and design criticism and farming. Tsang exhibits widely, as artist, designer and curator, in Asia, Europe and North America, including Gwangju Biennale [Korea], Venice Biennale [Italy, 2003 and 2011]. Tsang had taught in School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, as Associate Professor.


He is the co-founder of Para/Site Art Space (1996), Sangwoodgoon organic farm promoting permaculture (2011), School of Everyday Life promoting art and culture, life education and environmental education (2014) and director of As Design promoting mindful design (2020). 


Tsang’s publications include The Idiot-syncratic Hong Kong Lifestyle of a Professor Book Series (大學教授白癡港式生活叢書) including〈內嘈外吵 ‧ 寂靜決定〉(2011), The Phantom of Consumerism 〈消費主義的魑魅魍魎〉 (2012), 〈亂世善行 ‧ 心隨境轉〉(2013) ,〈工巧無記 ‧ 離我我所〉(2014) and 〈應物象形 ‧四大皆空〉(2016).


Based on the principle ‘art is life, life is art’, Tsang sees ‘drawing’ as an extension of life. Thus, an ever-changing life process of creating physical objects. 


The process is an experiential space involving memories, traces and life experiences parallel to the flow of time. 


Tsang’s work is autobiographic, at a spiritual level, to reflect on the issue: what on earth the purpose of human life is.

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