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The Purple Distance Land

John Wong 黃約翰

Ink on paper 水墨設色紙本
158x60 cm

John Wong

The application of special techniques should not be regarded as the ultimate goal in art making. 

Technique is just a medium to help express an idea, a mood, to add character and a unique style to your art.

— John Wong


John Wong, who'd like to refer to himself as a big “ Ink Maniac”, was born in Hong Kong in 1951. From 15 years old he learned western painting from Ng Wang Kong. Since 1985, John started to learn Chinese ink art from the experienced artists including Ho Choi-on, Hung Hoi, Wong Ling-yu, Chui Tsz-hung, Wong Hau-kwai, Chan Shing-kau, and Raymond Fung Wing-kee. He learned calligraphy from Chan Man-kit. John graduated from the Diploma Programme in Chinese Ink Painting from SPACE in 2003 and participated in the Modern Ink Painting Programme at Chinese University of Hong Kong. For promoting modern ink art he founded an ink art association, Thinkers, and serves as an executive committee member of Art Image Society and Art Link club. He is also a member of Hong Kong Artists Association and Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society.


In his youth John used to work on the Royal Navy's warship for five years and thus his life started to be intertwined with the sea. His sincere passion for the sea continuously inspired his creativity, and through the medium of “New Ink”—an experimental new way to apply the traditional Chinese  ink art skills and present with the concept of western contemporary art – John has found a proper way to express it. His steady and solid brush interestingly shows a vivid and light character.  Recently  his self-creating skill「Breaking Force of Light」gains an extensive recognition from the art world and collectors. His works used to be collected by art museum and private art collectors, and selected into the London Art Biennale, Beijing International Art Biennale, and Ink Global 2021. He had several solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and participated in many group exhibitions, e.g., in Hong Kong Central Library, JCCAC, and private art galleries. John published his first art book「The Man and the Sea」in 2021. Besides the unstoppable pursuit of the creative breakthrough, John spends a lot of time for the cultural communication about New Ink. He founded Studio of Greater Bay Area Inkwork for helping to bring New Ink to a bigger International art stage.

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