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Halo.Saving.Floating hills ​

Hanison Lau Hok-shing 劉學成

Mixed media 混合媒介

Hanison Lau Hok-shing

Hanison Lau uses sculptural form to present his ideas; his 3-dimensional pieces speak some of his personal stories, presenting different visual elements with ready-made materials. He usually employs history and literature, especially adapted from Chinese culture as referential languages and properties to appropriate his works. He used sculpture and drawing to represent the poetic elements vested in contemporary visual art form, and his works demonstrate a strong record of personal action. 


Lau has now been working as an independent artist and Lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. He received a bachelor degree of arts (Fine Art) from the RMIT University in 2005 and received a master Degree in Fine art at RMIT in 2007. He was selected one of the highlighted artists by the Hong Kong Art Promotion Office for its “Artists in Neighbourhood scheme II 2008”. He took part in the Artist-in-residence project in Portland, USA in 2008 and South Korea in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. In the last few years, he has been exhibiting his works extensively in USA, Australia, Paris, South Korea, mainland China and Hong Kong.


Various local and his work has been collected locally and internationally. He was awarded the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 - Award for Young Artist(Visual Arts) in 2016.

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